Dubuque Man Arrested For Sexual Abuse Of Underage Girl

Police say a Dubuque man supplied an underage girl with alcohol and then he and another man sexually assaulted her. 36 year old Agustin Bon Orduno was arrested Saturday on charges of second-degree sexual abuse and two counts of supplying alcohol to a person under the legal age. Reports say the sexual abuse occurred either July 19th or July 20th. Bon Orduno had met the victim, a teen younger than 18, at a local restaurant, after which they started communicating. On July 19th, he picked her and a second, younger girl up and took them to his residence where they were offered alcohol. Reports say the older teen accepted multiple drinks, then “began to feel the effects and went into the restroom.” She reported that both men had sex with her and that she was too intoxicated to fight them off and believes some other substance could have been slipped in her drink.