Johnny J on Vacation

I just wanted you to know that I will be on my honeymoon until May 28th.

My wife, Jill, and I have three Ultimate Road Trips that we want to take.

This is the first…we also want to see the Grand Canyon with the kids and Jill wants to take me to Louisiana (she’s been there, I haven’t)

My favorite place is Myrtle Beach, SC…I went to college in Greenville, SC and we would spend weekends and spring break at the beach.

I’ve always wanted to take Jill there to show her all the cool spots around Myrtle and Charleston.

So, we are heading out on our first Ultimate Road Trip this weekend.

Trip Itinerary:

1st Stop – Louisville Slugger Museum (we love baseball…and you get a free mini-bat)

Day 2:  Arrive at Myrtle Beach (as soon as we get to town, we are hitting the beach..the cooler is already packed…seriously, it is, lol).

Day 3:  Explore Broadway at the Beach, lunch & fishing at Pier 14 (you can fish off their dock…and enjoy shark bites or a shark sandwich…see pic below).

Day 4:  Deep Sea Fishing about 15 miles off the coast (Jill loves to fish and has never gone deep sea fishing…we may catch sharks, black sea bass, Bonita Tuna, Barracuda and more).

Day 5:  Forrest Gump Day – we are driving into North Carolina to the seaside town of Calabash.  You can see shrimp boats come in with their fresh catch and buy shrimp by the pound (at a hell of a price, too).  We packed a cooler just to bring shrimp back to the tristates.

Day 6:  Depart for Charleston – we’ll stop at Patriots Point where you can tour the USS Yorktown (below), a submarine and a Navy Cruise ship.  Then, hit the beach along with stops at the famous market and you have to drive by Rainbow Row, a neighborhood along the ocean with very colorful houses.

Day 7:  Shopping in Charleston, then depart for the Indiana/Michigan Dunes.

Day 8:  Beach Day/Exploring the Dunes (if you have never been, it is quite amazing…almost like the ocean, but not so far away).

Day 9:  Head home…after a quick Stop in Wrigleyville.  The Cubs are playing the Reds and we thought it would be fun to watch the game at the Wrigley bars we love to hit before a game.  We are excited to experience Wrigleyville without actually going to Wrigley Field.

Final Stop:  The Farm – we dropped off Thor, our dog, with Jill’s parents.  I’m expecting Thor to not remember me, be super excited to see Jill and be an extra 20 lbs heavier, lol.  Jill’s mom loves to give treats to her grandkids and the grandpups.

That is our plan for our first Ultimate Road Trip.

Special thanks to Dean Micheal for filling in while I am enjoy some time off.

I’ll be back on air Tuesday, May 28th and I’m sure there will be a story or two to share.

We’ll chat then…now, where the heck did I put the car keys?