Several Unvaccinated Kids Across Wisconsin

Public health officials say nearly 50,000 children in Wisconsin have vaccination waivers as the school year gets underway. That leaves them vulnerable to measles at a time when the number of cases has grown exponentially across the country. Figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show more than 12-hundred cases of measles this year across the nation – the highest number since 1992. Wisconsin health officials have investigated almost 400 suspected measles cases since last November. Immunization rates of 92-to-95% are necessary to prevent the virus from spreading to those who are vulnerable, including children with weakened immune systems. A county-by-county report of immunization rates shows none of Wisconsin’s 72 counties came close to the 92% mark in 2018. In fact, 40 counties had immunization rates below 80% – including Grant County, which was roughly 59%. Wisconsin allows 3 types of vaccination waivers – medical, religious and personal conviction. The Grant County Board of Health has passed a resolution asking the state to remove the personal conviction waiver option.